Ellen’s epic Oscars selfie was actually a paid stunt for Samsung

Ellen’s epic Oscars selfie was actually a paid stunt for Samsung

INDUSTRY insiders are saying that Ellen’s epic celebrity filled selfie that broke Twitter was actually a premeditated stunt to promote a mobile phone.

Carrying a white Samsung Galaxy phone, Ellen wandered into the crowd during yesterday’s ceremony and gathered a cluster of stars, including Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt, and snapped a picture which she urged people around the world to re-tweet.

More than 2.8 million people did exactly what she asked, and for a short period of time, Twitter buckled under the stress.

But it was the white phone in Ellen’s hand (a Samsung, not an iPhone like she usually uses) that alerted people to the fact this was not a random injection of fun by the Oscars host, but rather a pre-planned ploy to please one of the events major sponsors, Samsung.

As CNET joked, the gimmick was probably dreamt up in a board meeting at the tech giant’s head office.“’Hey, I know,’ one wise Samsungite must have said. ‘How ‘bout we pay Ellen a ton of money to take a selfie with one of our products?’

“’Oooh. That’s so modern,’ a boss must have replied. ‘The kids will love that.’”

Even if it was a paid promo, the celeb selfie was still without a doubt one of the highlights of the ceremony.

DeGeneres also tweeted this morning that she handed out Samsung phones to every viewer at her talk show, further arousing suspicions of a collaboration with the brand.

DeGeneres earlier revealed to E! that her original idea was not to take a multi-selfie, but to crop Meryl Streep out. But then stars started rushing in to be in the pic.

“That was going to be the joke,” she told the website. “But it doesn’t matter. It was just great.”

“I thought it would crash,” DeGeneres said of the Twitter servers. “But I didn’t know everyone would do it.” The comedienne continued, “What’s funny is that Lupita’s brother is the most prominent. And then Jared came running over to be in it. And Angie got it in. I didn’t expect all that.”


[Full Skill Description] Assassin: Bringer

Where the information for DragonNest lies


– Bringer is the guide of light and darkness. He has 2 faces, light and dark.
– Light Fury, proficient in the use of the inner good’s power. Judges enemies with the powers of light and fury. Light Fury uses Light based attacks.
– Abyss Walker, proficient in the use of the inner darkness’ power. The conqueror of the abyss who inflicts pain to his enemies. Abyss Walker are using Dark based attacks.

From Halfsugar the Bringer class is similar to the Screamers, Light Fury is very PvE based and Abyss Walker is very PvP based like the Dark Summoner.

Bringer’s use a mechanism called the Dark Burn. The dark burn status will be inflicted to enemies when they are attacked by skills from the Abyss Walker side. In PvE the burn will inflict 30% of the final damage and in PvP 10% of it.

Skill names are…

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ThisIsGame Interview with Eyedentity

Where the information for DragonNest lies


Hey guys! Found this interview off the Duowan forums and I have translated it! It really shows how much the developers are trying to make the game a better one. Referring to the fiasco we are having in the Cherry Credits forum right now. :/ Read on to see what is going to happen in the future content! The original source for the interview is right below at the credits.

The bracketed and italic lines are my own comments. 🙂

Korea media TIG (ThisIsGame) had an interview with the Dragon Nest head developer
(I am sorry that I forgot his name but he is somebody who usually talks about Dragon Nest future content.)

From the start of the interview the manager had apologized that they were not able to fix the problems everybody had voiced out in the middle of the year.
(During the end of the 60 cap, CDN…

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